Hey! Here's Helin (she/they), and I'm co-instructing this course together with Milad. I've studied Architecture for a year at Istanbul Technical University, and am currently a B.Sc. Architecture student at the Bauhaus University Weimar. I had prior training as a classical piano performer, which pushed me towards exploring experimental ways to express oneself through sound and performance under the alias of "dumtaxat". 


What I wish to contribute to this course throughout the semester is a theoretical approach to combine Art History/Philosophy/Architecture with Performance Art, all in relation to one's self, body, and mind. 


I like pomegranates a lot. At the moment, I'm trying to re-perform and interpret honest music from Asia Minor and watch Criminal Minds whenever I have a spare minute (current season: 6).

Hi! This is Milad (He or They). I, along with Helin, will be instructing you throughout the module. I hold a B.F.A degree in film from Virginia Commonwealth University. My academic interest is in socially engaged arts, dance/movement, performance, and psychology. In my recent film, partially funded by VCUarts Research Grant, I've explored the notion of gender, oppression, and collective healing.  Currently, I'm studying M.F.A. in Public Art and New Artistic Strategies at Bauhaus University. 

I've collaborated closely with performers and dancers from various backgrounds such as Frances Wessells, the founder of  VCUarts department of dance and choreography. 


During our Bauhaus Module, I'll share my experience, observation, and practice on how "to do art" and move/perform through the lens of mindfulness, especially concerning our Mind+Body. 

Fun fact about me: During a four-month cross country around the U.S., I drove from San Francisco to Washington D.C in 72 hours. 

In my free time: Well, currently I'm reading Freud and watching In Treatment series. A lot of inner work is needed.

Our mentor for this module is M.Sc. Martin Schmidt. He's a Research Fellow at the Bauhaus University Weimar's Facult of Architecture. You can find out more about him here