This is a course on body, mind, movement, space, performance, emotions, sensations, thoughts, and above all the experience of mindfulness. It's a creative, explorative, experimental course. Throughout the course, participants will engage in activities and projects in which they discover and experience methods of "connecting" to their own mind+bodies and the world they perceive within and outside. They improvise, create, and reimagine theories in practice.

It's a course facilitated by the Faculty of Art and Design, Architecture and Urbanism at

Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. 

Psychological theories of bodily experiences in public spaces:

How emotions are made, recreated and manipulated in space


It’s the theoretical aspects of the Mind+Body, Movement, and Architecture in regards to public space. It empirically investigates the Mind+Body as inseparable entities. The theories will review how emotions are made as body moves and resides in built environments.

Mindfulness practices in movement:

reconnecting to the body by disconnecting


After exploring previous themes, every session will include mindful practices. The aim is to bring awareness and focus on the body. However, mindfulness in a broader sense of the word will be introduced and practiced throughout the course; Participants will be assigned to practice this as their body interacts and engages with different spaces, both in private and public spaces.

Performance Art practices:

expressing movement in an unconventional manner


This contains theory, history, and practice in the realm of Performance Art and its connection to architecture. The focus will be the public space. The aim is to create, invent, and re-invent public performances in reference to studied artists.

The poetry of the Movement:

re-experiencing movement in writing and reflection practices


It’s the concept of language and movement as inseparable, co-creators of one another.

It introduces the notion of "Language Shapes Movement, Movement Shapes Language." This concept complements the other themes of the course through reflective and improvisational writing: Reflecting on body movement in writing, and reflecting on the written words in body movement.



Both Bachelor's and Master's students from all faculties can sign up to this module. 6ECTS (credits)

To take the module, students need to sign up for both Part 1 and Part 2 for the Winter Semester 2020/21. 

The module takes place on Mondays;

In person (indoors and outdoors)

Due to current situations, some classes may be held online

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